The nhl story behind the wild and blue stars

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Parisi, Zach

Also came from a hockey family, Zach – Parisi’s father J.P. Parisi is a former NHL players jerseys in 890 games in NHL, also in the peak series in 1972 on behalf of the Canadian national team and hockey legend Phil Aars Pasi do – a group against the Soviet Union national team, and in six games to get two goals and two assists. His father had played in the Minnesota North Star, his father will have his son, Zach – Parisi in 2012 and the wild team signed in Minnesota, back to the place where he was born. Prior to that time, he played for the New Jersey devils and scored 92 points in the game of the year, reaching the highest level in his career in the 2008-09 season. After arriving in the wild, there are three seasons Parisi is the top goal of the team, in this season because of injury, Parisi only played in the 69 game, got a score of 42. As the team’s most experienced scorer, Zach – Parisi is a very important part of the wild team, currently in the playoffs in 4 games, Lee Parisi scored 3 points, but the biggest enemy for him or the injury, if able to maintain the state and health, Parisi is qualified to lead the team’s offensive duties of the wild.

Alan, Jack

In the last season, Jack – Alan and Blaine – Eli Pieter goalkeeper combined Blues team’s defense city wall led the team to become one of the best teams in the west, and advance all the way to the Western Conference finals. By the summer of, as Eli Pieter was traded to the Calgary fire team, the younger Jack – host of the blues was the only starting goalkeeper for the blues team in the summer of 2016. But this season, although the two goalkeeper parted ways, but invariably in the regular season, the performance of the problem, the two were forced to rest for some time. Jack Alan even found the legendary goalkeeper is now working in the blues system in Martin Buluoduoer to learn. The canon of Jack Alan in the playoffs as Blo Doll possessed general, has become one of the biggest surprises of the playoffs this year. In this year’s playoffs in his first four games, Alan faced numerous high quality shots, but like a stone wall, averaging only 1.12 goals, the fighting rate is as high as.966, the league’s first.

Vladimir Schenck Delaware

Vladimir Schenck Delaware is one of the top shooters in the league in recent years, one of the Russian national team players, was only 25 years old he has become a Saint Louis Blues team player facade. Since the start of the 2014-15 season, only 22 years old Delaware began Schenck every season average scored 75 points and 40 goals. In the playoffs, Delaware Schenck has also been a very good performance in the occupation, 33 playoffs, the Russian striker scored 26 points in the playoffs, you can go the Blues into the Western Conference finals Delaware Schenck contributed. This is also an Schenck has a very good performance in the 82 regular season game. He scored 39 goals and 36 assists, a total of 75 points. He used to play for the St Petersburg Reds KHL team to the KHL Championship Gagarin cup, you can feel the power of Schenck Delaware from the East, and NHL led his team to the playoffs? Let’s wait and see.

Pat Ron Giro, Alex

Alex, a 27 – year – old Canadian defender, was named captain of the team after last year ‘s Blues captain David Beckham left the club and joined the Boston brown bear, the former Vice Premier of the. This 2008 fourth overall by the Saint Louis Blues defender in the world championship team was selected to represent Canada played in 12 games scored 15 points, the performance is very good. The draft later joined the Saint Louis Blues team after he became the blues team’s main defender, he and his partner Kevin Chastain Kirk formed one of the best defenders in Union, led the nhl jerseys china defense of the blues. This season Kevin – Chatain Kerr is traded to the Washington – man and he takes on a bigger defense, with 30 minutes of ice per game. Pat Ron Giro is 1991-92 penguins goalkeeper Frank patrao Michelangelo’s nephew, but Frank as a substitute made known as “the fighting God of fighting, to ensure the penguins victory, Alex needs to like Uncle so take responsibility to lead his team to victory blues.

Alexander sting

It is a family of elite players born in ice hockey, his father Thomas – sting is once for Winnipeg aircraft team played 14 seasons in the occupation player, in 950 games, Thomas scored 817 points – sting. Like father like son, his son Alexander Thomas – sting – sting is a good striker, 2002 twenty-fourth overall by the Toronto maple leaf on selected, he played 12 seasons in the NHL, in the 2008-09 season was traded to the Louis Blues team has become one of the main attack against keep strong the team. Several recent season sting every season fixed season all scored 50 to 60 minutes or so, he is also in this season in 76 games, scored 51 points, his ability to attack the excellent defensive ability is also very good, with his years of experience in NHL, as the blues group second center he he needs to play excellent ability, and give young players experience on transportation can make the blues go farther in the playoffs.

A – Palingke

As in recent years one of the best young defender in the league, a – Palingke defensive ability is obvious to people, this is two meters tall and weighing two hundred pounds tall Canada back well into the defense system in the Saint Louis Blues team. In his rookie season last season, the 21 – year – old scored just as much as a defender in the last 79 games, and his positive and negative value was as high as +33. At the end of the season, his outstanding performance that he was inducted into the Hockey World Cup North American U23 squad, in five games he scored 5 assists per game playing time in 20 minutes. This is the young defender defensive ability and the potential is very high, in his second season he also maintained a level in 81 games, scored 35 points, his partner Joe Edmundson served as the team’s second group back after Kevin Chatain Kerr was traded after shouldering more the heavy burden, his per game ice also reached 23 minutes in the playoffs, the first game is to get 30 minutes of ice. If you get a good development, Palingke will be one of the league’s best defensive back in the playoffs, he should be like Pat Ron Giro who learn and play to their strengths, to help the blues win.

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