The nhl lottery results are surprising

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The 2017 NHL draft lottery lottery pick in Beijing time 8 o’clock this morning, this year the NHL draft top 15 seating according to the results of the draw scheduled. The New Jersey devils general manager Ray Shelo to complete the reconstruction team, to become a solid playoff team has taken a solid step, with extraordinary luck, devils will be held on June 23rd to 24 in Chicago United Center held the first draft pick in the NHL draft right.

After moving to New Jersey in 1983 for the first time to get the first cheap nhl jerseys draft right, it is worth mentioning that the devil is from fifth to get the first place to get the first round of the first. The Philadelphia flyers, from thirteenth to second, won the second pick. The Dallas star team from sixth to second, won the third sign bit. The three teams and the regular season ranked bottom: avalanche, people and coyotes all missed the top three draft.
The team had overall pick in the 2011 NHL draft lottery also take advantage of their cis position successfully increased four to fourth position in the draw, they back Adam Larsen, the devil team to the Edmonton oilers striker Taylor Ho in June last year, he 29 daily trading.

Ray Shelo, general manager of the devil’s team, said: “you know how much of your odds, it all happened too suddenly, but the results for our team and fans are great. We have 11 draft picks in the June draft, and now we have the first draft right, which will be the cornerstone of the development of the team.

In the past six years, has won five times champion signed the maximum probability of the team failed to win the lottery, the Colorado avalanche has the highest probability, 18% chance, but they only came in fourth, and according to the rules, can not draw avalanche fell out of the top four, so the result to them very disappointed. Vancouver team has second high odds (12.1%), but ranked in the top fifth.

Cielo won’t reveal who the devil will, but when asked about when the analysis of the top two players, he was very frank: play in ice hockey Youth League West Brandon and Nolan Patrick in the Quebec Youth Hockey League of the Halifax team of Nick Hicky, in which Patrick NHL central scouting is given before the draft the last time ranking in all North American players in the first place.

“They are all great players,” said Xie. “Patrick is suffering from injuries this year, but everyone knows he’s a really good player. Hicky is a very talented physical condition of the Swiss Center, for us, the two centers are really good players, but the team needs the most of the two.”

The New Jersey devils in the Eastern Division than wild card playoff seats in the Toronto Maple cheap nhl hockey jerseys Leafs behind 25 points, the fifth consecutive season did not make the playoffs. The manager of the devil was asked if he was considering the first draft. He said: “of course we will consider all the possibilities, but I never thought I would win the first pick, so this is a very difficult question to answer.” “As we won the Champions League and we know the qualified candidates, we will discuss it on Monday at the amateur scout conference. “We are fortunate that it has nothing to do with our own efforts, but now we have to make the most of it.”

The 14 teams that did not qualify for the Stanley cup playoff qualifier, NHL, took part in the lottery with the upcoming new team, the Las Vegas golden knights.

Las Vegas gold Cleveland was the first NHL since 2000, Columbo and Minnesota wild blue in the League since the expansion team, won the same 10.3% odds with the Arizona coyotes, Las Vegas will get sixth, Arizona coyotes will get seventh.

Philadelphia’s team has also been a great success, they became the 1995 lottery rules since the birth of the cis position draw the biggest jump team, general manager Ron Haxstowel said: “I hope many years later, looking back, the lottery can become a turning point in the fate of our team.”

This is the third time a team in the draft on the right rose from fifth to first (New York Islanders, 2000 choice goalkeeper Rick Dipietro in 2007; the Chicago Blackhawks chose striker Patrick Kane).

The Colorado Rockies in the state of New Jersey to become now the devil team before, in the 1979 NHL draft picks to wholesale nhl jerseys the first elected defender Rob Ramic.

2017 NHL draft right of the top 15 are as follows. The 16-31 will be in place after the Stanley cup playoffs.

1 New Jersey devils
2 Philadelphia trapeze
3 Dallas star
4 Colorado avalanche
5 Vancouver people
6 Las Vegas Golden Knights
The 7 Arizona Coyotes
8 buffalo knife
The 9 Detroit Red Wings
10 Florida Panthers
11 king of Losangeles
12 Carolina Hurricanes
13 Winnipeg jets
14 Tampa Bay Lightning
15 New York Islanders

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