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He was a love is more wholesale teenager, but he had a nhl jerseys for sale powerful than hate rough time. In adulthood, he once again began to give up fame, hard work, from the media circle to the cultural circle to the entertainment industry, he has several kinds of identity: the famous emotion columnist, star broker curator, senior media people, culture, charity ambassador, publisher of MBA Alumni Association business consultant…… He said he was an ordinary person, just want a simple and comfortable life. He is a youth culture public figure, is also a “2013 world charity ambassador” national championship finals judges, he is Lee Susheng.

Childhood was a nightmare

Li Susheng, formerly known as Li Gang, commonly used pseudonym Li Susheng, snow man. July 1980 was born in the ancient city of Hebei, Handan, a small town of family medicine. Several generations of the family are practicing medicine for a living in the local prestige. But the father of this generation, but from the business. When Li Susheng was a child, tutoring extremely strict. At the age of 3, his father would not let him climb the chair, jump on the couch; after primary school, he was not allowed to watch TV, I will be scolded for taboo. Father bad temper, often quarrel with his mother. Although I do not know why their parents quarrel, but every time to see the tears of his mother’s face, Li Susheng are very sad. Later, with a hint of groundless talk to his ears,jerseys from nhl china his father said someone outside, the father of Li Susheng more unfortunate little perception.

At the end of 1991, my mother died of lung cancer, which spent most of his childhood in his father’s reception of Li Susheng, was a huge hit. In the summer of second, a strange woman came home. Father asked Li Susheng’s opinion, he said nothing, he felt that this is the father’s home, the father has the right to deal with everything at home, but he is a small child.

Li Susheng’s childhood, there is no long-term exchanges of small partners, he immersed in books and his own inner world every day. It is playful and active, naivete age boy, but one day a day almost not to utter a single word holding the traditional vertical, roll, thick yellow book to read every single word or phrase and the degree. Or, in the diary of scribbles, who did not understand what he wrote. He also love the pen on the album graffiti, but trees, or trees, a solitary thorn tree to the sky. There are no birds, no clouds, the sky is falling down……

In high school, Li Susheng was a boarding school, and Li Susheng was in a good mood. At that time, Li Susheng is a total score of second admitted to the local key high school. Because of the excellent performance, Li Susheng served as the representative of the various positions, discipline, board leader, literary associations responsible person, the Communist Youth League members, and to “snow man” under the pseudonym national newspapers published their works, a Sheng a “national top ten campus writer, his talent show most incisive.

Go out battles hardships and harvest

1996 is an important year for Li Susheng. That year, 16 year old Li Susheng turned away from the homeland, alone to study in Zhengzhou, studying Chinese language and literature, start their own independent life. It was seventeen years, and then he settled in Zhengzhou.

Li Susheng in order to study and live, he has been looking for a part-time tutor, and writing. Often do part-time late, because of the sudden change of weather, snow was wet or blown…… The most difficult time, a period of time, his daily living expenses of jerseys nhl direct supply only 20 Fen, buy a steamed bread is a day of rations. And at this time, very strong self-esteem, he is always hiding in the library while reading, while quietly eating their buns. Once, he even had the idea of maishen. After consulting the hospital, because of some relevant legal provisions, no success. Fortunately, a month later, he received a fee, finally improved status. Up to now, are very scared.

In fact, at the beginning, home to send him money, but he will be back. He will always remember his father said, “it is so difficult for college students to find a job, you have to come back after graduation and asked me to find you a job!” Li Susheng’s heart deeply hurt a little, he knew that his father is still a small ability to help others (also students) to find a good job. The first time he broke down in tears, Li Susheng told myself, even when a drift lonely life, will not return to the “home”. His heart is cold. In his heart, the essence of the most exclusive, or because of his father’s mother died.

In 1997, Li Susheng participated in the public relations training class held by the Henan public relations association. This is a place where he teaches public relations etiquette and creative ideas. Many years later, he still has memories into infinite gratitude. He is in the world, the life experience in the universe, the first exercise first social university experience and the workplace before the ride. Li Susheng believes that his life will benefit from the best and most professional public relations, planning, creative training.

After the training, the quality of the outstanding performance of the Li Susheng is the provincial capital of a well-known advertising company hired as a copywriter. For modern boys, like a vanity, a comprehensive industry and all kinds of people, can not stay, because it will teach you how to get it will make the way of getting along with people, the best practice of your wisdom

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