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In 2017 the first round of the cheap jerseys hockey third Stanley cup playoffs continue to compete for the four games, today all go into overtime, the maple leafs once complete reversal in the case of two goals behind to beat 4:3 killed three people in the capital; ball leading senators by Captain Carlson’s brave play, 4: 3 bears overtime lore Raiders in the third quarter; behind the two ball situation on the ground, 3:2 overtime defeat Black Hawk, with a total score of 3:0 leading team in three; and the duckling ball down tenaciously in overtime to complete reversal of 5:4, is also expected to advance to the second round in the next game.

In this game, the maple leafs will replace the injured Pollack Zaitsev team group play right back, which adds variables to the game. After only 2 minutes, in 4 to 4 cases, people in the capital before the next city, defender Schmidt and a group of center Barker Strom made a continuous transfer, which should be in front of the door blocked Barker Strom Zaitsev eyes defense, let Barker Strom easily to cross the ball into the 1:0.
2 minutes later, the capital of the city to another city, Ovici Kim in the left side of the ball around the ball after catching the ball directly from the door, the ball straight into the far end of the corner of the net, 2:0, the capital before the opening of the two goals scored.

Fourteenth minutes, Mathews as the maple leafs pulled one back, he told the dart from the back face of the ball, four defenders he chose to shoot people in the capital, although the goalkeeper saves to make, but he could not good rebound control, high-speed continuous follow up Mathews bushe to rewrite the score to 1:2. The maple leafs scored a morale, Marna in the two group of people in the capital gate continuous attack, but the capital people tenaciously to a global leader in the second quarter.

The second section sixth minutes into the two group center Kuznetsov bushe to help people in the capital will expand the score to 3:1. However, after the game into the maple leafs rhythm, each striker of the people in the capital gate launches the crazy attack, Fifteenth minutes, three groups of people in the capital of maple dominated finally results in the blue line near the center Kadri – defeated Holt than the blocked. Nineteenth minutes, the maple leafs tie the score, a group of right-wing Nylander received Mathews assists in front of continuous shooting, although Holt made the first save, but powerless to stop Neerlandia when hit, 3:3, so far the maple leafs three top rookie has scored first goal scoring playoff career occupation.

In section third, the maple leafs occupied the field of active capital, once for 13 minutes without being shot at the last moment, people in the capital also launched a counterattack, Kuznetsov’s shot hit the post, but the end of the regular time still score 3:3, both for third consecutive times into overtime.

Get the PR team third near the end of the play much less chance to let them in overtime first nhl hockey jerseys minutes and 37 seconds to open the situation, the team’s two group in the capital back continuous suppression, long-range break Holt center Borzage than ten to two in the final, the maple leafs ball behind the complete reversal series match with 2:1 leading.

The game, brown bear two group center Kretsch comeback. Seventh minutes to break the deadlock, Senator, Captain Carlson in the soleplate region wonderful long pass sent let Hoffman formed a single opportunity, Hoffman brown face calmly pulled the ball after goalkeeper Lasker, single handed the ball point goal, 1:0.

25 seconds later, the Senate team gain another victory, this time for their accomplishment is the two team group, Carlson ball to floor area, sterberg beautiful back pass in front of the lane, who selflessly to the ball to the other side, the Lhasa center cloth before the volley to rewrite the score difference of 2:0. Since then the brown bear began to fight back, Fifteenth minutes, the two group of right-wing Barkis close to the front door shooting shot.

The second section is only 3 minutes, Senator again to expand the score, it is Hoffman to call a few cases received defender Weidman cross after the blue line near the bar directly hit the door, the ball hit the right post after hanging corner, 3:0.

Since then, the brown bear launched a surprise attack, sixth minutes, the former striker Acciari in front of the group of four teammates guard shot into the door of the Senate Senator Leges. 40 seconds later, the group of the right wing of the Senate in the back of the field of fatal errors, he lost the ball so that the brown bear to form a single pole, the right side of the right wing of the five group of Barkis goalkeeper Anderson calmly hit the ball through the hole in the hole of the door of the two. Fourteenth minutes, brown bear strong group in 5 to 3 cases of a group of right-wing Pasternack to suppress the formation of his trademark ball directly hit the door to help the team to chase the score 3:3.

The third day competition into the white hot, the Bruins gradually seize the field of active, tenth wholesale nhl jerseys minutes, Kretsch once received a teammate pass inverted triangle was a great opportunity in the door, but his shot was Anderson’s magic to resolve, since both of the achievements, the game was dragged into overtime to.

Extra time to fifth minutes, the play more and less opportunity, Carlson once again sent a fatal passes, striker Tulis and Ryan made continuously passing, finally complete the redemption by Ryan, beautiful backhand break the door guarded by the 4:3. With this game victory, the senator succeeded in winning the home of brown bear lore advantage, the series to occupy a leading 2:1.
This game, in order to open up the situation of the Blackhawks made a major adjustment of a group, Captain Tefors was arranged to partner teenager Schmerz and veteran hosa. Tenth minutes, almost in the Blackhawks play much less under the condition of their scores the first goal of this series, defender Udulla ball against the formation after the wall plate.

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