A child who nhl jerseys free shipping online steals coffee

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In the winter A child who nhl jerseys of 1961, he is very cold, when free shipping online steals coffee the truck driver’s father had an accident, lost a leg, then to walk on crutches. This means that the father lost his job, the family lost the source of the economy. Every table is the mother picked up the leaves and the discount of coffee, meals are hard to swallow.

Lost father, together lost the confidence and courage of life, daily drink, became an alcoholic. As long as he was not obedient, will be furious, beaten like a homely food.

At the age of 12 on Christmas Eve, every family lights bright, fragrance delicacy. Only his mother was unable to borrow money and father be furious, scold bend the brows, they are stupid. Helpless mother, had to drive them to play on the street. Three children stomach is growling, find a mall entrance, promotional merchandise a superb collection of beautiful things. An idea came into being in the middle of the night. He asked his jerseys china nhl factory brother and sister to go home, and he kept his eyes on the beautiful coffee. He wanted to make his father happy.

Chouzhunshiji, he quickly picked up the pot of coffee into cotton, but unfortunately the owner saw. The shopkeeper shouted catch the thief, he ran away, ran fast enough to get rid of that shopkeeper, home coffee to the father. Father is very happy, open the pot of coffee, fragrant flavor and elegant. Before the taste, to the home, the revelations, he was beaten.

This Christmas is The imprint is engraved on my heart. for him.

Later he entered the University of Michigan, in order to save money, he did not return home during the school holidays, all are working in.

That day, the mother called, said his father wanted him, to see him, he never thought his father could say such a word, was busy with a customer to negotiate, so he refused to mother. Two weeks later, I learned that my father had passed away. After finishing his father’s legacy, found a rusty bucket of coffee, he knew that it is a pot of coffee at the age of twelve stolen. Father’s handwriting on the cover: a gift from his son, Christmas 1964. There is also a letter which read: “dear son, I am a failure as a father, can’t give you a superior living environment, but I also have a dream, the biggest dream is to have a cafe, leisurely you brew grinding coffee. This wish can not be realized, I hope you can have such a happy son.”

The former beaten into a precious memory, sad suddenly occupy the mind. His wife Shirley encouraged him to say: “since his father’s wish is to open the cafe, then we wish for him!” Coincidentally, Seattle has a coffee merchant wants to transfer, he decided to resign from the position of the annual salary of $75 thousand, contracted under the cafe, and for a short period of 20 years Wholesale nhl jerseys authentic from a small workshop to develop into multinational corporations.

This is the day after the famous Starbucks, and he is to buy with that dream action poor boy Schultz

A young man in the scenic area to meet a beautiful temperament of beauty, it has to go a long way behind her, the girl could not help but turned around and asked him: “why do you always follow me?

He is very sincere to her said: “because you are the most beautiful I have seen the most beautiful woman, please promise me, when my girlfriend!

The girl replied, “as long as you look back, you can see my sister. She is prettier than me!

The man listened and turned around, but he saw only the ordinary woman.

Why did you lie to me?” He questioned the girl.

You’re lying to me! If you really like me, why do you look back? The girl replied, and turned and walked away.

Revelation: in the face of what has been, people tend to do not cherish, this is not only for others, but also to their own kind of injury and loss. Life is so, life is so, moving target can only let you down, nothing!

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