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nhl jerseys Distribution of autumn factories in China

China has a large number of factories, and the production of NHL Jersey factory mostly distributed in Jiangsu, Fujian, Henan and other regions!

I love autumn frost, not. Get up early, walk in the ancient city of stone road, cool wind fell on the brow, floating leaves. Footprints write sentence, like a distant siren sounded.

The ancient city walls, thick brick, piled up a lot of story. Daiwa green walls, suffused with the old face, gently touch the hands of your fingertips dripping into the regalia, with quiet poetry.

I love walking alone in the city streets, especially in autumn, the autumn mood, intertwined with the ancient city of profound, endless autumn, spread in the heart and the eyes of the ancient city, do not panic. For many years, I will be in a fall, the pace of stretching in the ancient city in autumn.

Courtyard full Jiechen silent autumn, I walk in the city, no one asked the depths of the small courtyard. I was filled with deep feeling, in the courtyard of people had already not had the enemy. The swallows return, wall swing. Conceal the desolate, melancholy written endless.

A sigh, autumn China pavilion. In the end, Luoying are everywhere.

The ancient city wall, suffused with grey water. Diffuse changes in the early autumn cool in between, is the Millennium ancient city, has been the same. I would also like to become an ancient city, regardless of the vicissitudes of life experience, no matter how many degrees of glory, has been, is a not surprised look. It is not ah, there will be sadness, there will be a happy singing, there will be a beautiful smile, there will be a look back.

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I counted at the foot of the brick, is the most femininity. Keep the number of years mottled, will have heavy nod. Most of the time, we will not stay on. Just want to walk this life journey as soon as possible to fight, unwilling to remain out of the limelight.

I still love sitting in the sunset, I still love to go in blue, I still love to write some of my words. Like this autumn in the ancient city of Beijing, motionless, silent, looking at the earth in the smoke billowing. Like the early autumn of the time, not cold nor dryness.

Don’t do so, don’t forget the heart, the sun had not disturbed Chinese Jane Jing, ancient city. Is the autumn wind, flowers, leaves, half, half heart falling dust.

If you have the need for China’s plant contact and distribution diagram can be a message to contact us, we will provide you with the most detailed information!

Where the site to buy the NHL Ice Hockey Jersey is the cheapest?

We may find that the team has a  nhl  Ice Hockey Jerseylot of the penguins to win the big beard, buy cheapest looks like a “Uncle””. This is not because the players have the same barber, but because they believe that the playoffs do not shave will bring good luck…… In fact, the value of the ice hockey movement, tall and tall is the highest in the four major league!

NHL CCTV5+ finals broadcast to do quite in place, long sought after the teacher in the scene sent a passionate interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation of the rules and many people are deeply impressed. In the NBA finals broadcast mouth, Yang Yi teacher and teacher who also went to ke a NHL broadcast, see Yang Yi teacher is how to evaluate the ice hockey –

I have never seen such a race that is skates! In each round, are on the ice with the speed of sprint speed skating! I have never seen such a game, they do not slow down, on the sprint to the other side of the body hit, keep people hit fly to the parapet! In addition to swing too high, the sport was no foul! Hit casually! Hit the rush can also kick each other! It’s the lightning like movement, which is the roar of the real storm! What is beautiful, it is with great eloquence!

Under the night sky, I shouted in the crowd of the sharks in the group of fans in a brisk walk away, while with Ke Fan said, cattle force ah, this is the TM sports ah!

They look so passionate and selfless, and ice hockey game hot scenes are inseparable.

Ice hockey known as the world’s fastest team sports project, usually the end of the players speed up to fifty km per hour speed, while shooting, the fastest speed of the ball up to 160 km. Ball of the ball in English is Puck, made of hard rubber, thick 2.54 cm, 7.62 cm in diameter, weight 156-170 grams.

During the game, both sides always kept. In this speed and against the game, one of the best athletes in the field of continuous game time, is 20 minutes and 1 seconds! So the coach will not stop! NHL’s regular rotation is 20 people, in addition to the goalkeeper, there are 5 people on the field, there are 4 groups of people in the non-stop for. A game is divided into three sections, each section 20 minutes, the whole game down, and then the best athletes also play less than 30 minutes! This is a sport that is challenging the limits of human beings!

High speed with the ball so hard, the slightest mistake is inevitable head broken and bleeding teeth, players also tend to suffer. A joke is: field hockey players are not good teeth full of ice hockey players……

Even the cheap nhl hockey  jerseys player’s wife is not immune, the little sweetheart Duff Hilary and ice hockey player boyfriend’s wedding, Duff because too excited, actually bite his teeth. Now they are divorced…… Ah this period as the subject.

One of the most well known rules of ice hockey is that they allow players to fight on the pitch “. This means: the referee in the game 1 to 1 players acquiescence with bare hands for NHL singled out, or even the birth of the field devoted to the fight as the role of “enforcer” — a performer! Their job is to fight: if you dare to touch our good team player, I’ll beat you. When the opponent moves in the game, or a teammate was challenged, such players will get up and play, with six Ye drag the momentum in the ice on the ice calmly. Sometimes out of tactical needs, these players will also challenge the other side of the core players, through the “against the son” to weaken the opponent’s fighting ability.

Of course, the NHL player is fighting about the rules, for example, must be a fair, as well as the description of novel “the count of Monte Cristo”. “If you want to put the gloves with the opponent duel, thrown into the face of the other,” singled out happening on the field, one party will throw a cue, then throw gloves. If the opponent to fight, he would throw sticks and gloves. When the player at the start of the war, the ice hockey referee turned boxing referee, under stand by and allow the player to solve their own problems. A fall or defenseless, the referee will promptly terminate fights, and symbolically made the punishment.