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Hengda appeal will be prosecuted for the incident cheap nhl jerseys and the players

Guangzhou Hengda Football Club Taobao is ready to FIFA (FIFA) dispute cheap nhl jerseys resolution Committee formally appeal Hu Ruibao events, and asked Hu Ruibao to leave with the broker without the Danish Club of Vejle punished accordingly. This is made in the Ruibao Hu Hengda event after the first raise a Babel of criticism of the sound.

Hu Ruibao earlier in the agent under the operation of trial Premiership giants Manchester, then heard he has been highly recognized in the city, and there is news that sent a formal letter to Manchester to hengda. This constant always does not respond, eventually Hu Ruibao and brokers to Hengda breach of contract content, not according to the rules of contract support Liuyang execution grounds, Hu Ruibao and Hengda announced direct contract, also said FIFA have appealed to apply for temporary transfer. Hu Ruibao then took Hu Ruibao wholesale nhl jerseys to broker the holding of the Danish Club of Vejle, so he trained today.

It is reported that evidence Hengda has prepared more than 200 pages, Hu Ruibao proved in wholesale hockey jerseys the period of the contract without leave, the broker and the Danish Club of Vejle “in violation of relevant regulations FIFA and transfer regulations” of the player.

Xiao Guodong has scored the tournament finals in 2015, finally lost to Michael White, cheap hockey jerseys this time to enter the finals, becoming the first two players into the final, but lost to McGill. Due to this year’s single game to upgrade to the ranks of the game, Xiao Guodong missed the opportunity to create history.

In the current state of progress, Hu Ruibao and brokers said earlier that appeal to FIFA and apply for a temporary transfer certificate, but so far, Hengda has not received the final verdict of FIFA. I think Hu Ruibao is still under contract with Evergrande, personal circumstances, without leave is a violation of the provisions of the contract, and collected a lot of evidence that Hu Ruibao currently with Denmark’s Vejle team training.

Beware of online shopping nhl jerseys china goods may not come back

If the buyer meets the rights and interests are nhl jerseys china violated, it is recommended to complain with the local consumer associations, and be sure to stay at the time to buy bills and courier and other evidence to facilitate future rights. In addition, it is recommended that people do not have to buy the best delivery items, or buy back their own local.

Online shopping should be careful. Online, micro business to sell a wide variety of things, and even a lot of contraband. For example, young women with anti wolf spray. Anti wolf spray is explicitly prohibited, but on a shopping site, the reporter search for self-defense, found the anti wolf spray shop sales. In addition, the new regulations are included in the scope of the ban to send a one-time lighter, lighter gas, including knives, etc., are also in normal sales.

Reporters to the identity of the buyer consultation to sell a disposable lighter stores can express, the other is full of promise. Does this belong to flammable and explosive goods?” In the face of the reporter’s question, the seller answered yes, but still can express. He also said that the public mailing this article, will be refused to express, but they often cooperate with the courier, in order to ensure delivery courier service. As for what kind of packaging, how to ensure safety and other issues, the seller said it could not cheap nhl jerseys answer customer service.

Micro business is also a wide variety of things to sell, many of which are illegal, for example, there are micro business specializing in the sale of high-grade cigarettes, wine, high imitation sports shoes, etc.. In the new regulations, a lot of counterfeit products is also prohibited postal. In the past these products can be successfully delivered to the hands of the seller, which in the implementation of the new regulations, will not be allowed to express? The reporter interviewed the courier company, a number of companies that certainly would not receive contraband. Because if they express contraband, may be punished.

They also said that, relatively speaking, Taobao, Jingdong and other wholesale nhl jerseys online shopping sector constraints, the relative protection of rights and interests, there are problems can be complaints. If you shop on the micro, relatively few constraints, consumers should be vigilant.

Postal regulatory authorities can not accept the delivery of goods, in the new regulations, mailing cigarettes can not exceed two. The reason is because the tobacco bureau is not allowed to sell in different places, so in order to prevent the sale of different places, only a single copy of the restrictions on each person can only send two.

Liquor can be shipped, but not alcohol, while limiting the liquor can not exceed 56 degrees. There are mobile phone, is not the only air, land. In addition, each courier companies have a rating index in the post office, if the company received the contraband, will be punished by the post office.

The new regulations from the scope of application and other aspects of the prohibition of nhl jerseys wholesale delivery of goods to make normative requirements clear, a ban on the delivery of goods and catalog. Harm national security, disturbing social order and social stability of all kinds of goods, explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and other items to endanger the safety of other goods delivery, delivery from the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, all belong to the scope of delivery of goods prohibited.

This is just the implementation of the new regulations, they are currently not received a similar report and complaints. Consumers are advised to figure out which can be delivered, which can not, to minimize the risk of the sale. In the process of consumption, the relevant evidence should be retained for future rights.