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Canadian ice hockey game rules

In the game each team plays the six people, the vanguard three people, the guard two people, the goalkeeper one person. The competition is divided into 3 sections, each section is 20 minutes. Athletes with ice shot hit the ball into the opponent’s goal, to win more.

The hockey game most of the rules are well understood, such as not good passing, but the hand can be the defensive batting, compared with about three unique rules:

Article 1: foul players were sent off for a period of time, a small fine penalty, illegal or serious offence, were sentenced to deportation, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 10 minutes to play (5 minutes after the substitution) punishment, in punishment, a party will receive a number of advantages. The team at most to send off two people formed the so-called “5 hit 3”.

Second: divided into the offside line offside and pass offside, basically refers to the offensive in the ball has not entered the other blue line before entering the school district, the pass or play into the attacking zone which is offside. In view of the offside is male fans with his girlfriend when watching the nightmare, it is recommended to understand Timor when you seriously study.

Third: when a player directly hit the ball in the red line and the other side of the goal line without scoring and the other end of the players encountered, known as the bottom of the cricket. Although this sentence does not seem to be more complex, but in fact, a few times after the game appears to be able to understand.

At the scene watching the ball, the circle of elder brother feel especially like to speed up the pace of the indoor football game. The game was very quick, and alternating rapidly, various tactics and soccer like game is relatively smooth, the fans like football fans like singing songs about his team.

“Hat trick” this term, must like to watch the football audience is not strange. Canadian hockey players  In fact, the word is not unique to the football, it is first derived from cricket, and football, the Ice Hockey League also draws on this term to represent a single game scoring three goals in a single game. And the difference is that the football fans will really use a hat to express their inner joy – hundreds of thousands of hats were thrown to the floor, to celebrate this exciting moment. Must the merchant who sells ice hockey cap like the best time of day?

Was widely criticized for “do not understand the ball before the FIFA president Blatter, often want to use ice hockey rules to football, such as” the game from the second half to three day “,” foul penalty minutes make temporary players play “and so on. His starting point is to increase the level of football, and increase the number of suspended, so as to set aside more advertising time.

Initially, the American Football League MLS penalties, as well as from hockey that striker goalkeeper 1V1 singled out, but now also canceled the ice hockey rules, changed to a more reasonable extra time golden goal. All of this shows that the ice hockey and football have a similar or similar nature.

In addition, the ice hockey hot also shows that football can also be in the United States fire up. Be able to read the ice hockey on the note they can understand this suspension is relatively small, the game smooth non turn based game. 14 years of World Cup, fans of the United States to further popularize the knowledge of football, in the United States held the International Cup attendance was great, in Michigan United on the field of Real Madrid, attendance reached a staggering 109138, even broke the American record attendance of spectators. This year in the United States held in the United States is also in full swing in the American Cup in full swing – the United States is gradually gaining the right to the world of football.

In addition to like football, hockey, especially like Harry Potter in the Quidditch world! It is said that JK is produced by MS Rowling hockey about Quidditch inspiration. How is it now that the ice hockey is cool?

Since the 14-15 season started broadcasting NHL CCTV is in 2015 June 28, 2015, prophetic vision, North American occupation Hockey League (NHL) draft, born in 1997, Beijing guy Song Andong overall by the New York islanders selected in the sixth round of 172, becoming the League calendar in the history of the first hundred selected Chinese players. The creation of a new historical China snow project. Song Andong hopes he can become a “Yao Ming” in the NHL, but also eager to be able to play in the homeland for the country in 2022.

Yes, with the success of Beijing’s bid to host the Winter Olympics, ice hockey also encountered a good opportunity to develop. There are many similarities between ice hockey and football, so the rules are not difficult for us. The ice can be seen in various shopping malls, carry out the field is not a problem. Although a complete set of equipment is not cheap, but with 300 million people on ice “the slogan of the implement and implement step by step, the ice hockey movement will exciting and interesting is accepted by people gradually, many of the NHL alliance will have more fans, the market prospects of hockey fascinated peop.

How are the Canadian hockey players equipped?

From the perspective of sports equipment, ice hockey has its particularity: players can only fight armed and unarmed, will not hurt the torso; skates limit the players’ movements of the legs, in addition to boxing, other players it is difficult to play “Wu Yi”, it is easy to fall down, and then fell once declared the end of fight.

From the project itself, the biggest characteristic of ice hockey is: high speed, fierce collision, hurricane friction frequently, the slightest mistake will the scene out of control, therefore, spark a conflict accidentally, from the official to the players and fans, are fighting the cultural default. NHL follow the logic is: since the fight can not be avoided, and can effectively stimulate the eyes of the fans, why not use to maximize the interests of the maximum? But in recent years, a series of NHL rules are not encouraged to change the direction of the fight, and the number of fights on the NHL arena is also a downward trend. But fighting as an important part of the ice hockey culture, in the foreseeable future will become a hot topic of the fans to talk about.

In a sense, standing on the sidelines of the ice hockey fans and more than one thousand years ago is sitting on the Colosseum, to watch the Gladiator fight for music nobility not much different, but the former with different power, the latter with money exchange view right.

Ice hockey originated in the mid nineteenth Century 1917, Canada, the Canadian National Hockey Association for the establishment of NHL, the first 6 teams from canada. After a period of reorganization and expansion, until 1967 in the League left the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto maple leafs, Detroit red wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers, they are also called the original six team (Original Six). This title is the original six black hawk team.

Later, after several expansion, NHL gradually formed the scale of today. Like NBA jerseys, NHL total of 30 teams, 24 teams in the United States, 6 in Canada, is divided into 6 Division League, each team of 82 regular season games, all eight teams compete for the eastern 7 4 win in the playoffs, the final champion can get the world’s oldest and most heavy Stanley cup.

The Stanley cup is silver, was first made in 1892, named for the Canadian amateur hockey club sponsors the strongest Stanley family. Unlike most of the Stanley Cup trophy is not making new year cup, but by winning the team retained this historical atmosphere trophy for a whole year, and the coach, the players, management, staff’s name will be engraved on the trophy. In order to increase the engraved name of the site, the lower part of the trophy adds a lot of metal ring, each ring can be carved under the name of the 13 teams. Now the trophy is determined as five metal ring like, when then carved a circle, the oldest Yinhuan would be taken, preserved in the Hockey Hall of fame.

The place with a long history will have countless stories, Stanley cup such a hundred years of history of the trophy is also a lot of stories. A widespread superstition is, in a real touch before the title, the Stanley Cup player will not be able to win. There are always some players who do not believe in evil, year after year to let the curse of the continuation of the superstition.

A story that happens every year is that the trophy will be kept by the team players for a day and you can do whatever you want with it. Some people will take him to travel around the world, some with a passionate Party, some people take it to be baptized infants, there are people who put the child in the child and pee…… Of course, this does not prevent the Stanley cup from being used to drink champagne to celebrate the championship……

Take a look at the Stanley cup with the championship team went to the world where it

Of course, we do not have to worry too much about the NHL jerseys china champion will be like Real Madrid as the championship trophy, playing bad, because it is said that the NHL will be dedicated to send someone to follow Stanley, so as not to play bad these two goods…… (fill in the brain of NHL employees, helpless face (like _ person) with)

There is a saying that the ice hockey game tickets are very expensive, but the ratings are not high, because the television is very difficult to see the high-speed operation of a small ice hockey in the end where, only through the player’s action to determine the situation on the ground.

Before the HD signal CCTV5+, use the computer to see many ring brother dizzy game. In order to confirm that the site is able to see the ball, have seen a hockey game lightning team in Tampa Bay, a large artificial lightning in order to see the two science and Technology Museum in Amalie stadium, the players admission score and lightning, lightning will be lit, very cool. Ice hockey is really cool to see the scene ah!