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When I was seventeen, I wholesale hockey jerseys met him. I  green bay packers blanket canada factory work in a school run factory at that time, the factory sent me to Qu preventorium learning laboratory. Because of the epidemic prevention station is far from the factory, so I solve the nearest lunch.

One day at noon, just after work, he appeared in the door of the office, said to pass by, please eat.

He was actually not in our factory to work, before I did not impress him, out of courtesy, I still go to dinner with him.

Later, he often went to me. After one day, he invited me to his house to visit, in his rented house, he actually wanted to kiss me, I am disgusted, let him not to bother me!

When I was finished, I went back to the factory to work. Did not expect him to return to the factory work, there is my place, you can always see him, but he did not talk to me, only with the people around me chat, joke!

I went to the factory training for more than a month to go back to the jerseys factory dormitory, had just eaten, he came again, this time he told me to say hello!

I also learned that I went to the factory after he left the factory, went to a beer canada factory, a day to night send beer, I heard a very hard!

(some people are willing to do your shadow, all the time to accompany you to spend every lonely)

A motivated boy is always attractive! I started to talk to him and slowly began to touch him! Then we fell in love!

That year after the Spring Festival, I went to Wuhan, he stayed in Zhengzhou! One day, he called and told me that he was going to get married, because his mother didn’t agree with him to find a field.

We didn’t have the courage to struggle with wholesale jersey china supply the parents, and soon after I ended my working life, back to my hometown, when a village teacher!

(everyone has involuntarily when we are not against, but we know that no matter how the decision will hurt the one you love, and love their own people)

One day at about five, he had suddenly appeared in front of me! He said he had run away with the bride on the second day of his marriage. He was thinking of me all the time!

I advised him to go back! Then we had a phone call once in a while, he said he would wait for me, but he didn’t come to me. I’m twenty-four years old and I’m looking for a good man to marry me!

The most suffering thing is waiting, waiting for a pair of warm hands, waiting for a warm embrace, waiting for a lifetime of unforgettable wedding

The day before I got married, I got his call. When we suddenly thought of two often sing songs — “Xinyu” moment, tears collapse.

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Said the father, in fact, news to nhl father jersey love more than jersey china supply subtle mountains of calm, be like water, soft and delicate. Father’s love like a mother’s love as the most incisive, tenderness overflowing, can feel in a cordial and affectionate touch call. Father’s love like a deep pool in the subtle flow like water, flowing slowly in his heart of love, not to

It’s so easy to be aware of it.

His father was not good at words, and his love was expressed in action. Often, late night dim light, is for the father to work overtime and bright. Often, Tianbuliangjiu opened the door, to the morning before the father did not work out in the open and weeding. Often, the rain, the father put a raincoat into the rain, in order to check the building around the hillside house there

Where water is often, in Snow gleams white. mountain, father waving the broom, sweep out far, for the children to go to school is not slippery fall.

Father from morning to evening every day, every day to carry the push and pull move, with their own sweat brewing life for children sweet father Renlaorenyuan, with his love for the rain, the children work hard tomorrow. In the baptism of years, father is getting old, tall and strong body, gradually become thin, strong shoulders slowly became weak, but his love is never old, never

So thick.

When I was young, my father’s back is a horse, carry us through the rain, through difficult. Wind and rain again big, as long as the father, the road of the mud will not wet our feet. My father is always unknown to the public back us to go through a mountain, across a river, where only the broad flat father birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, let us down from his back, learn to learn to walk.

Understanding nature. nhl jerseys Distribution.

After growing up, each encounter in life bumps, no matter how far away, will pick up the phone and ask his father’s advice, my father always calm in his life has accumulated experience for us to calibrate, let us calm anxiously, and relieved in. The father not many words is our reassurance, like the cold winter, warm sun reflected in the eyes

And, like the dark night, the bright star of the sky.

My father’s calloused hands, is for the family in the years of transmigration hold responsibility; the father no longer straight back to the family living in humble kind; father’s Cream Dye HUAFA, is for the family in the rain lost youth.

The father love implicit and long, deep and broad, always with no firm in our faith, always in the invisible strong our backbone. We grow up in the teachings of the father kindly care and under the severe, the father went out to work at the old gradually back, children became increasingly heavy.

Golgi said: “the fear, the father is a stepping stone; darkness, love is a lamp lighting lamp; exhausted, the father is a bay water for life; when working, the father is the spiritual pillar; when the father is to encourage and alarm.” My father’s love, in the simple, great, noble in the ordinary.

If you wish to, tall towering father has been with us, with his strict and tolerant life do we stick, let us not in or low-spirited when flighty and impetuous hurt myself.