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NHL’s future in China?

2 billion dollars for 10 years! NHL copyright fee, why sell “cabbage price”?” From NBA to super China, the price of the event copyright has been raised in China, and the sports market in North America is too. Mature payment system to allow the spectators broadcasters to hit real money […]

How much is the first person in NHL League?

Copyright fee is the most important part of the alliance’s income, and it also has a decisive influence on the player’s income. After 9 years with NBA 24 billion contract finalized, three players can get a stream of ten million annual salary, even the top players are hardly Conley signed […]

What is the status of NHL in North America?

  The final ratings soared As Penguin goalkeeper Murray scored two consecutive rounds, the penguins won the Stanley cup for the fifth time in the history. After two months and 87 games, the 2017 Stanley cup playoffs finally came to a close. Despite the joy of the game, some people […]

NHL for stanley cup

How strict is the airport security check? Precious, like the Stanley cup, should be scanned Awards ceremony: Penguins pick up Stanley cup The Stanley cup, which has a long history of more than one cheap nhl hockey jerseys hundred years, is the greatest trophy in sports. If even the Stanley […]

Depth analysis review the performance of the capital man’s season

  Once again lost the Washington Capitals in the second round of the playoffs seventh games against the Pittsburgh penguins, this is Aoweiqijin – Crosby in the age of people in the capital for third times in the second round lost to the penguins, the first two were in 2009 […]