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Maple Leaf rear guard will nhl jerseys undergo leg surgery


San Carlo – April 19th hearing, nhl jerseys Toronto maple leaf defender Roman – Pollack will be in Beijing today to accept the right leg surgery, the specific injury and comeback time are unknown.
The injury occurred in the first round of the second game of the second quarter, when Pollack and capital defender Brooks – orr PEAK collided. Maple leaves announced after the game that Pollack will miss all of the playoffs.
Mike, chief executive of maple leaf, said today: “it is unfortunate to have such a thing like this.” – Babcock. Pollack is a good man, a very good man, a great teammate, hard working and hard working. But the injury is relentless, our team and he is very sad.”

It is reported that at the time of Pollack’s right knee and orr PEAK’s right knee had a collision, and then immediately fell on the ice, and the right knee can not force, all of the force fell on the right ankle. Pollack lay on the ice for a few minutes and then left with the help of his teammates and staff.

Pollack is 30 years old this season, the regular season played in the game to get the 11 nfl jerseys points (4 goals and 7 assists), positive and negative value of +10, the field debut on the score of 17 minutes and 55 seconds, a total of 65 minutes of penalty time. He played 23 minutes and 52 seconds in the first game against the capital.

Career 634 games NHL, Pollack scored a total of 115 points (23 goals and 92 assists), positive and negative -13, accumulated a fine of 504 minutes. In July this year, he will become a non restricted free agent.
At present, the maple leaf people to lead 2-1 in the eastern capital of the first round of the playoffs, the fourth game in the Air Canada Center in Maple home court tomorrow morning Beijing time.
Washington capital is currently in the first round of the playoffs in the eastern conference with a big score 1-2 behind the Toronto maple leaf. But the people in the capital manager Barry Strotz said he believes the team does not need to do a lot of Game 4 tactical or system adjustment.

However, he also admitted that the team needs to do a little change: increase Ovici Kim’s playing time. As a star, Ovici Kim played only 15 minutes and 08 seconds in the game yesterday, the team also lost the game in overtime 3-4. It is true that such a game time for Ovici Kim is really a little less, after all, the playoffs or to look at the stars play.
The two sides of the fourth game in the Air Canada Center in Maple home court tomorrow morning Beijing time, Ovici Kim’s capital, people look forward to tie the score.

Rangers full attack nhl game hope to rebound


Rangers in Madison Square Garden’s record is nhl jerseys china bleak: the playoffs suffered 6 consecutive losses, the last playoff win in Madison Square Garden, but also back to the Eastern Conference finals in 2015, the second. In yesterday’s first round of the eastern third 1-3 after losing the Canadians, rangers to a big score 1-2 behind.

Rangers coach Alan – Wegener Pieter said: “I’ll give you an analogy. If you play a bad game, the next round of the arc, the situation will become very difficult. At this time you need to put aside your thoughts and ideas, which is what the people who have won the golf masters have done.”

Wegener Pieter refers to Searl coke – Garcia. The veteran of 19 years of professional golf career, in Beijing on April 10th at the age of 37 to win the world golf masters in the world championship in 2017. It was also his first major event in the pga.

Wegener Pieter believes they can learn from the experience of 4 in tomorrow’s Game.

In yesterday ‘s cavalry victory over the Canadian series opener, Steve – Kemp did not debut, but today things have changed.

According to TVA sports reports, Kempf and Rangers have reached a two-year, $1 million 300 thousand contract renewal. The 28 year old Kemp Anne mid season in a case involving Dylan Mackie Rath in the deal by Florida puma to Rangers, the rest of the regular season, he represented the Rangers played in 10 games, in less than 13 minutes per game time with two points.

Kempf is a veteran of nearly 150 games in the NHL veteran, before the arrival of the Rangers nhl jerseys from china the leopard and the Boston brown bear and wild effect of Minnesota. Earlier today,

He said: “Garcia put all the good and bad factors behind him, put his heart into the game, and he won. Most of the experts, the masses and the fans didn’t think he could do it, but he did it. This is the charm of competitive sports, once you have the opportunity to devote yourself to, and this is what we have to do tomorrow.”

But if the Rangers play like Game 3, I am afraid it is difficult to win. They also said they had tried, but still feel guilty for not playing well.