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The teacher made wooden puzzle book why nhl jerseys ?

Lanzhou foreign language school young biology teachers to fly nhl jerseys, “the story of the undersea city King” as the content, study of laser cutting technology of wood, made a puzzle book. Yang Yanmin photo
Lanzhou Beijing, February 24, (reporter Cui Lin Gao Ying) Lanzhou foreign language school young biology teachers to fly, “the story of the undersea city King” as the content, study of laser cutting technology of wood, made a puzzle book.
Reporters saw the wooden books are thick on each page, a total of five pages. The inside of the machine is made up of mechanical aperture, wooden gear, maze, and so on.
Goofy recently accepted a new network reporter interview revealed, he suggested to unlock the password for the reader with a hidden story, readers need to carefully to find the mystery, so as to solve the authorities turn to the next page.
Talk about making puzzle book original intention, goofy said: “last September, I came to wholesale nhl jerseys understand foreign people design a book called” mumbo-jumbo “wooden puzzle book, known as the book of the history of the most complex, very difficult to break. I do not believe this evil, although he has not touched these areas, but nothing is impossible, others can do we can do.” See pictures of that goofy can not only understand the mystery, but also can be produced, making the idea of initiation.

Goofy said, making the whole book is the difficulty of the design of the internal organs of the mechanical structure, as well as how clues into the story. For example: the first page that the story where, who are the protagonists, the plot suggests that they are exploring a sunken submarine City, a palace inside, and this second page maze together, only out of the maze to turn to the next page.” Goofy example.

In order to design a mechanical organization, goofy spent a week of self-learning CAD drawing technology, but also at their own expense to buy a laser machine. Subsequently, he designed with computer draw drawings, and then to engrave, installation, color. The engraving process, goofy found the thickness of the material, the degree of flexibility of wood will affect the body, so he repeated tests do best.

Goofy believes the puzzle can enhance the readers for the book reading interest, through hands-on brain to feel the story gives people the philosophy, is very attractive. This time, he simulated the cover of the work of foreign designers, completely designed their own internal machinery. In the future, he will improve the design, will be known to the world the Mogao Grottoes Chinese elements as the decoration and the content of the story, let the reader through the reading and understanding of Gansu culture, China culture.

As of now, obsessed with the invention of middle school teachers has recovered, Zhuge will fly cheap nhl jerseys the project guide boat bow, and other items total number ten, he said, in the “public entrepreneurship, innovation” era, myself to be an example to the people around, and never xiazichengqi. (end)

Philippines’s foreign promised not to fill the NHL Jerseys China

In full swing in the Philippines relations Philippines’s foreign promised of cooperation in various fields not to fill the NHL Jerseys China, fully warmed up the occasion, Philippine foreign minister. Recently a series of speech is full of sense of violation. According to reference news citing foreign media reports, the first disclosure. 23, Chinese had to visit Philippines’s president Duthel Te promised not to build facilities on the island of Huangyan.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 23 expressed in the press conference, Huangyan Island infrastructure construction, China’s position is consistent and clear, has not changed. But Geng Shuang also took the opportunity to express dissatisfaction with the foreign minister of the Philippines, he said, Yasai foreign nhl jerseys online minister recently made some remarks against high-level consensus, China felt puzzled and regret, hope can be cautious.

Yasai 23 interview with the media (pictures from Taiwan “Central News Agency”)

After fermentation quickly sparked heated debate, many netizens criticized this is pseudo patriotic, no medical ethics. And when the doctor quickly deleted his own micro-blog, did not make any response.
After a lot of hard work, I found the doctor, she has ten years of working experience in Suzhou, a private hospital dental work, the exposure of the group is not a doctor but group of users group, fermentation of this thing to her surprise.

The dialogue is as follows: I am not less anesthetic, is just a joke “ideal in mind: Hello, want to ask for Japanese less intentional anesthetic how?
According to reference news reports quoted The Associated Press, foreign minister of Philippines Yasai 23 in a reporter’s question that, if Chinese on Philippines’s claim to sovereignty over the islands to take any action, China will become the friendly relations between the two countries under the “rules of the game change”.cheap nhl jerseys Yasai also said the South Sea Chinese promised not to this strategic area to carry out construction activities.

It is reported that the Yasai disclosed for the first time, China has to visit the Philippines President Duthel Te promised that no construction plan of Huangyan island.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, Yasai said in an interview in the past, American intelligence had shown China going to Huangyan island to build artificial island, “now we are pleased that China will not do so, in fact they deny that there is such a plan.”

Yasai said, “when the president U Dutt Pieter’s visit to Beijing, I do not want to disclose more details.” Yasai also claimed that this is the leaders of the two countries agree nhl jerseys.