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Quora there is How to earn wholesale nike nfl jerseys a question very interesting: I free shipping from china factory have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, 8 years of work experience, what is the most reliable way to make me earn at least 1 million 500 thousand a year?

There is an answer to get 4800 votes, after reading the small street feel very inspired, so he translated a bit to share to everyone.

The answer to this question, I give advice and I have to give my children the same advice.

First of all, forget about your computer science bachelor’s degree, I also have this degree, but also read the graduate student. No use.

The only way to get real wealth is to stop relying on your dead wages. Wages, as the name implies, it means that you create wealth for the employer to work, and you have to create their own chains and shackles.

Some people like a steady paycheck, but it certainly cheap jerseys china doesn’t make you a year cheap nfl jerseys china or more, or more.

I am a member of the board of directors, I can tell you: in the past decades, due to inflation, the income of the middle class is actually falling in a row. The middle class is facing the risk of unemployment, this is not sensational, but is actually happening. I certainly hope things will get better, but I doubt it.

I don’t even suggest to venture into the sea, a business is a kind of a lot of things, such as customers want rebates, employee each other about guns, products often mess up etc..

More than half of the unemployed have a college education…… I have been very much like to find someone who is neither an entrepreneur in the traditional sense nor a person who has been employed.

Later on, I saw a guy named Steve on the Amazon website, and he wrote the books that often beat me on the charts. “23 strokes to teach you how to get rid of procrastination” may be more than “choose your own” rank higher?

His other books include: “70 good health habits,” “how to build a successful blog,” and so on.

And, every one or two weeks, he will have another book.

At first I found out that he signed Scott Steve, but soon I found that the cover was different, but the style of the book appeared in the name of the author of Scott SJ.

He is a writing machine. “1 yuan price is a new free” “how to empty your inbox”…… Continuous。

So I gave him a call. He and I have never met, no friends know him, I think he lived in Ohio in the middle.

I want to figure out how this guy can do it, and let my kids do that too, so that they won’t be as scared and anxious as I was when I was twenty or thirty years old.

He told me that he was a poor man of light two years ago, and he tried to do it all day. At that time, his bank deposit is almost zero, and there is no income.

“I made 250 thousand last month,” he said to me.

Over the past two years, he has written 42 books, and now he will write a cheap nike jerseys china book every three weeks.

I asked him: “what other people can do?” He said he could.

He basically wrote 2000 words every day, in front of each book, he will be through a variety of free things, to guide readers to subscribe to his mailing list.

“Be sure to find a topic that you are interested in,” he told me. “Then cut it into many small pieces.”

For example, if you are interested in golf, then write a book “how to buy a good golf equipment” of the book, and then write a book “how to use 10 simple steps to improve the ability to swing” of the book, and then write a book to learn how to “in 60 minutes 100% putt” and so on.”

Every book will increase his email subscribers, more subscribers will let his books sell more, then continue.

Guess: he wrote books and learning marketing in college?

Of course not, his undergraduate major is criminal psychology……

The original accumulation phase took him two years to work, but now he is a marketing and entrepreneurial nature of Daniel, although he had not done any similar work.

He doesn’t have a boss and enjoys his free time, but he earns more than 95% of the company’s CEO. If I had chosen to be a new graduate, I would have thought that he would do it, not as I had done.

I asked him why he told me so many secrets, wouldn’t it be that someone had a copy of you?

“There will be,” he said, “but I work really hard.”

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Every one of us superior 100% guarantee is growing up with a lot of ideals. cheap nike nhl jerseys wholesale However, a lot of dream plan, and even the project is not passed. Yes, too many dreams have been killed by a variety of reasons.

Leading UK users Pesce Bel, is an entrepreneur, TED speakers, Brazil, the most inhluential 100 people, the title of the recipient. In her view, the following 6 kinds of attitudes to life, is the most common way to end the dream. To change yourself, to realize your dreams, start by changing the way you live!

1, I believe that there will be “a night of fame”

You may have heard a lot of stories about someone who is 20 cheap nhl jerseys wholesale years old, because in a few days to sell a mobile phone App, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

A similar story may be true. But if you look carefully cheap jerseys wholesale, you must be able to find that the guy in the creation of these App before, in their own field may have got a master’s or even doctoral degree. And he’s probably longer in the idea.

The so-called overnight fame does not exist.

Like I founded FazINOVA, this is a Brazil entrepreneur school. I clearly realize that if I want to launch a product successfully, it may take several months or even longer.

All of the “night” has a very hard work and sweat cheap nike nhl jerseys wholesale, which is the result of their efforts to achieve.

2, let other people decide your way of life

If we are lucky, we often meet people in our field who are more experienced than we are. He will give you experience when you create a project. At this cheap nike jerseys wholesale time, you will be an open mind to learn from them, and thank them for your advice.

But, ultimately, the person who decides what to do is you.

For example, I firmly believe that the digital and mobile era will dominate the future, and that I should focus on one thing. Although a lot of people do not look good, last year, I was determined to provide digital courses, in addition to the development of a series of courses under the line. Although the process is difficult, but it is proved that such a change is very successful.

May wish to imagine your life as a mess of piping system.

In your life path, there are a variety of ways to choose the pipeline. But in order to achieve an ideal place, every time you have to choose your own decisions, and do not let others give you a choice.

Although this decision will sometimes make you hurt, but you are on your way to the ideal.

3, “I only do what I like!” Other things I have nothing to do with

This is very important.

Everyone wants to find their own interests. Of course, it’s important to do what you love to do. But the problem is, when you’re doing the job you’re doing, you’re more or less always doing something you don’t like.

My sister and I are working together. Before I started working with me, she felt that some of the projects I did were so interesting that she thought I was doing exactly what I was going to do.

And until she really began to work with me, she just slowly understand the gap between the ideal and the reality. She didn’t think I had a lot of things to do in the office one day, and it wasn’t as interesting as she thought it was.

For example, we need to deal with people and things in accordance with the rules of the company. So, if you want to be really successful and do what you love to do, you will definitely need to deal with something you don’t like.

4, think “growth” will be a natural continuation

Well, your work is really hard.

In the past five years, you day and night focused on your project, you have a trusted team, your work is impeccable. Now, everything is on the right track, you will imagine: even if you do not do anything, the company’s business will continue to grow.

Wrong. If you now feel like you’ve reached a peak, you need to keep trying to reach another peak. When you finish a project, think more about how you can make it better.

2012, I released a very popular free eBook in Brazil, the book has more than 2 million people to download. In 2014, when I was second, I knew I didn’t have to do a lot of work to get a lot of downloads. But I did not stop there, on the contrary, in order to launch the book, I was in Brazil, the 26 state tour, each state to stay one day. In this process, I broke through myself and witnessed another peak of my own.

5, the life of the wrong person

I often hear people say, “I have the best products, but the market is not booming, and no one is buying me.””. Or he might say: “my idea is very good, but the lack of a vision of investors.”

Shirk responsibility is always very simple.

The market is not good, investors have no vision…… But if your product is not sold, there is no one to appreciate your idea, then you may really have some problems.

Change your product, team, practice, and plan. Do not dream of the sky will fall pie, can make your dream instantly become a reality.

If you have a dream, you have to be responsible for it, and only you can be responsible for it.

6, only the results ignored the process

Once I heard my friend’s walk, they said, “it was a very difficult trip.”,