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Lao Ding no The man who nhl jerseys qualifications not like no free shipping online always money, the only advantage is straightforward, hard-working and competent, he is a member of the metropolitan floating in the thousands on thousands of ordinary people. In the crowd, he is like a grain of sand falling in the Sahara, when we estimate the old Ding if successful, it would have to be so tired to.

N’s first job is to serve as a waiter in a restaurant. One day, the restaurant just got paid old Ding asked me to go to his work to eat, because that day the hotel business is quite good, busy, so please have the fake old Ding had to return to work, I eat alone, he took advantage of my run over and talk a few words.

More and more people in the hotel, when the old Ding gingerly holding a bowl of hot soup walked by a guest, who is opposite and companion said the rise suddenly hands luanhui male guests suddenly hit the old Ding holding pots, and some hot soup to the male guests who.

“How did you do that? Call your boss!” Male guests roared jumped up, the room suddenly calm up, many people see the scene, because the male guests tone from the beginning has attracted the attention of people, apparently Shuiduishuicuo everybody’s heart. Men did not think people are more and more roar Jin vexatious, spittle spraying old Ding face.

I have to roll up sleeves to go past the old Ding supply replica nhl jerseys kept to bow and apologize: “sorry, sorry, is my fault, you okay?” Although other outrageous, but also indefensible, see this old Ding attitude, and his fist shouted a few words, and then hurried away.

After the man went away, the old man smiled and nodded to each other: “I’m not good. I’m sorry to disturb you!”

Before long, the old man went up. The boss gives the reason is simple: “don’t let the thick Taoist suffer, and this kind of people in the restaurant business, will do better.” Good temper of the old here not only rose wages, but also won a lot of repeat customers, and many of them have become friends.

Lao Ding in the hotel for a long time, until the boss decided to close the restaurant back home after the development, and then find a job to send a courier.

Old bad luck, just sent a period of time to express an accident. Once, after the old Ding dark busy to send a courier, tired and soon collapsed and he was hit a car on the road, but fortunately just skin injury. Lao Ding in the hospital after a simple dressing, picked up and limped to the customer home express time in the past. To the customer there do not have time earlier, see old recipients be long in coming Ding, a sudden fire, rushed to his face is a scolding old ding. The old man did not explain, but still as always apologize. “I am sorry, is I is not good, you don’t.” Female customer training Lao Ding did gas, after she angrily for delivery, only to find the old Ding right leg pants have been broken, there’s blood on it. “What’s wrong of you?” She asked, somewhat puzzled. The old man simply to say something, the other side of this just know that the old man is out of the hospital with a wound to send their own express delivery, the face of the Teng red.

Send a long time to send a long time, he also because of his good temper to get to know a lot of new friends. Later, in the hands of the savings of the old Ding decided to go back to his familiar field of food and beverage, opened a small restaurant. We are more and more busy, contact less and less, but there are always good news.

Until one day, I received an invitation to know Lao Ding, his first restaurant will be opened. The restaurant opened that day, after the door to greet the guests saw old Ding I hurriedly trot over, hands holding my hand, repeatedly said: “sorry, sorry, usually too busy, contact less, this is all my wrong.”

I know the old Ding business is doing so well in the wine on the table, because the restaurant since he started, those friends knew would cheap price for nba jerseys do its best to help support, plus the old Ding steady hard-working character, business more and more prosperous.

When I had a good time that day, I asked the old question, “why do you always apologize?” Even others do wrong, you have to apologize?” Lao Ding smiled and told me: “these things are some trifles, principle and dignity I apologize and will not hurt my life. Any conflict will make the parties are not happy, we are not happy, things will be worse in the direction of development. I apologize, I bear all the fault and responsibility, that is not happy I am a person, the other side of the heart is not happy? This is not only to eliminate the situation continues to deteriorate, but also let others happy, is the best result.”

At this moment, I only see light suddenly, the eyes are not always apologize timid, but with great wisdom. A person who can make people feel happy around him, how can he live a happy life?

Make money nhl jerseys with best discount three stories


Today, share 3 small Make money nhl jerseys stories, but behind this with best discount three stories little story there is great power. Because it can completely, completely trigger your business thinking, give you a different perspective. And more importantly, these small stories reflect the human nature of consumers, to understand the human nature, you will understand the marketing.

One story:

Have a friend, a man is very stingy, never give something to others. The last thing he likes to hear is, “give it to me.”…… ”

One day, he accidentally fell into the river. His friend shouted at the shore, “give me your hand, give me your hand, I’ll pull you up! ”

The man refused to give his hand to his friend. His friend was in a hurry and shouted, “give me your hand.”. He would rather struggle than give his hand. ”

His friends know the people’s habits, a shout: “take my hand cheap nhl jerseys, take my hand. The man put out his hand and took hold of his friend’s hand. ”

Inspire thinking:

“Give me” or “take”? We are in the process of management institution, is not always to customers in the expression “give me your money”, customers like above the mean person, rather in pain and does not meet the struggle, is not willing to give us the money.

If we say to the customer: take my product, whether it will be better? Customers will be more willing to experience your products, buy your products.

“Give me” or “take”? This is a problem, but also a shrewd businessman can from the customer’s point of view to design transactions, business model design issues.

Another point of view, cause suddenly kairan.

Story two:

We travel to the countryside to see a farmer to forage for cattle to shovel a small cottage on the roof, it was Sich, so he asked:

“The old man, why don’t you put the grass on the ground and let it eat?”

The farmer said: “this matter hastily is not good, if I put it on the ground but a contemptuous disregard; I can put it barely reaching the roof, it will try to eat, eat until all of forage naked.

Inspire thinking:

After reading this story, you think of the brain of a product will be what? MiPhone! Yes, Lei Jun is the old farmer, millet mobile phone on the roof, so that you can barely reach, let you go to reach.

Easy to get, will be nhl jerseys free shipping thrown away. Too hard to get, some people fight for a while and give up. Only those who get what they get, they will be surprised and cherish.

It reminds me of one thing.

A customer, business clothing store, opened in time to make a lot of vouchers, everywhere free distribution, found that the conversion rate of surprisingly low, scanty person to. How she could not understand, he hired a team of specialized leaflets, the results are not good. I told her, “people can’t get it easily. “So, we want a way together, these vouchers no longer send, but sell. Oh, we want to sell coupons? So funny! But it turns out we’re right!

How to sell it? We find the convenience of the supermarket area, find a beauty club, find a hair salon, find a variety of young women can contact the store. Tell the clerk that our coupons are for them to sell and all the money they get.

By selling coupons, we find that the probability of people coming to the store is greatly increased. Maybe people just spend 5 yuan to buy a 100 yuan cash coupon, but this 5 yuan will prompt him to come to the store consumption.

Want to let customers remember you? You can find a way to let customers pay for you some, easy to pay some. Customers will think about their own pay, so I miss you!

“Convenience” or “temptation”, the art of using it!

Story three:

There was a rich man who lived alone in a mansion. Older, want to return home to live with other old people playing cards, playing chess, there is a soul.

So he wanted to sell the mansion. Many rich people have spotted the mansion, see, quoted in a continuous line.

One day, a young man came to the house, after the house repeatedly praised. The rich man asked him, “did you decide to buy it? How much do you think of the price? ”

The young man on the old man said: “yes, I really want to buy, but I only have 1000 pounds. ”

The rich man thought, “how can I sell it to you? ”

The young man thought for a moment and said to the rich man, “I really decided to buy. Can we talk about another purchase plan? ”

The rich man said, “you talk about your plan”. The young man said: “I would like to give you all my 1000 pounds. You sell me the house. At the same time, I’d like to invite you to live in this house. You don’t need to move out. And I will treat you like a grandfather, take care of you, accompany you”.