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KHL star Bailey Moore: willing to play nhl jerseys in China

The height of 1 meters tall, cheap nhl jerseys the hair that is taken care of meticulously and the suit of beautiful, even the beard of the cheek also is being revealed ceaselessly this Canadian hormone. “Hey, you know, your Chinese nickname is Beller!” “Prince? Cool!” Hearing the explanation of Chinese staff, this once played in the NHL arena, but also to help the Chinese Club Kunlun star into the KHL playoffs on the face of the ice hockey star smile like a child.


His name is Bret – Bailey Moore, Kunlun star team is the backbone of the defender. In March 26th, he came to the Tencent sports studio, watching the live broadcast of NHL. In an exclusive interview with Tencent sports, he chatted with his fans for the first time about his and NHL’s past, as well as his desire to stay in China for KHL.

Kunlun Beijing Hongxing ice hockey club in the summer of 2016 has just joined the KHL continental Hockey League, a new army, but also KHL’s twenty-ninth teams. After 8 months, they miraculously broke into the playoffs and even beat the defending champions in the last fourth games, completing an almost impossible task. As the main player of Kunlun Hongxing club, Bailey Moore is undoubtedly one of the heroes.
Bailey Moore was born in Windsor, Ontario, canada. The 2007 NHL draft, Bailey Moore in the sixth round 162nd overall by the Carolina Hurricanes selected, after three seasons in the AHL (American Hockey League) Sherlock checkers team after exercise, ushered in his first match in the hurricane team.

He scored 10 points in the last season of the Carolina Hurricanes, including a total of 49 points, including a score of 2 goals and a total of 8 assists, the best individual in the NHL season.
Recalling his experience in the NHL game, Bailey Moore believes that NHL and KHL compared to pay more attention to technology and physical quality. Bailey Moore said: KHL is a high level of the league, so that their career can enhance the level of. KHL ice area is greater, so the scene is more open, faster. The NHL emphasizes the wholesale nhl jerseys technical and physical quality, so a season down, NHL on the physical quality of the players a little higher. My experience and experience at NHL tell me that this is the highest level of ice hockey.”

KHL star Bailey Moore is willing to play in China love China

“I’d like to stay in China for the Kunlun star”

In the KHL has experienced a season of exercise, Bailey Moore said he was promoted quickly, but also gradually developed a new teammate and tacit understanding. “When I came to the KHL, I had to adapt to a bigger stadium, but gradually I got used to my new team-mates and their presence made me get used to it, and the future will continue to improve.”

Interestingly, Kunlun Hongxing Club Player from eight countries, the language, the language barrier between them both inside and outside the field are necessary to solve the problem, Bailey Moore also said that they want to learn a foreign language now.

“Our players speak different languages, fortunately, my native language is English, everyone can speak English with me for cheap jerseys, of course I can only speak English, then I want to learn some Chinese, French, but indeed, Chinese is a little difficult!” Speaking of this, Bailey Moore smiled sheepishly.

Learn Chinese, eat Chinese food, play in the Chinese club, Bailey Moore seems to have begun to get used to speaking in China, for the future, he said he would like to remain in Kunlun hongxing. “I would like to stay in China and continue to play for Kunlun star, now, this is my plan for the future, let’s wait and see!” Bailey moore.

Chinese in NHL jerseys cheap

Sun Daye: if some day in the future nhl jerseys cheap will join Chinese national team?

Yuan Junjie: if China calls me up, I’m willing to give up Canadian citizenship and join the Chinese national team to help the Chinese team improve

Yuan Junjie is also in the interaction to answer a few questions of the fans, including careful users for the past season, both the striker played Yuan Junjie, but also played guard, which position is preferred?


Chinese in NHL

Chinese in NHL


Yuan Junjie said, prefer to play forward, because the defender is relatively boring

Have you ever thought that one day you can go back to NHL

Yuan Junjie: I’m happy to live in China and I don’t want to leave China

Impression of Chinese fans

Yuan Junjie: in the past season, there are a lot of fans concerned about me wholesale nhl jerseys , the team is very happy.

In the end, Yuan Junjie thanked the fans for their support for Kunlun and Shanghai, as well as the support of the fans in the city, hoping to bring better performance next season.
Yuan Junjie’s Tencent gratified to renounce their foreign citizenship for the effectiveness of the motherland

The second section is the rest came to the studio Kunlun Super Star Defender Bret Bailey Moore, as Hong star NHL played the most experienced players, Bailey Moore in the past season very well, won the praise of the team and the fans, his powerful style and outstanding appearance has earned him a lot of fans.

Just entered the living room, he first showed a Chinese: “Hello, I’m Bailey Moore,” but also let the anchor ho.

He went up to mention the new contract negotiations with Bailey Moore
Bell Moore said he likes the team, last season to enjoy life in China, very much hope to renew the contract with the team.
He has played more than 100 games in NHL and AHL has played in the last 200 games. You came out of the League last year. How did you get used to it?
Bell Moore: indeed, the venue played a lot, in the NHL game more compact, more pressure. It took me two weeks to get used to the standard field and adapt to the long road trip.
What’s the reason: in the past season, the team has a lot of players, what is the reason for him to stick to it?

Bell Moore: I love the culture here, it’s very different from the culture of North America, but I enjoy the life here, especially the Chinese players in the team. I enjoy the life here.
How do you communicate with Chinese teammates?

Bell Moore: most of the Chinese players in the team can speak English, and their communication is not a problem, and the English will also give me a translation.
Ho: Three Chinese players are the first to participate in the top professional game, how do you see their progress?

Bell Moore: although they do not have much chance of the game, but came to such a high level KHL stage, such as the progress of the line is very large. As long as they can stick to it, progress must be very long.
He Huan: I heard the offseason you went to the Great Wall, this is the first time nhl jerseys you go to the Great Wall?

Bell Moore: Yeah, actually I went two times, the first time I went with my teammates, the second time with my family. I have never seen such a historical monument, where I can appreciate Chinese culture very well.
What are the expectations for next season

Bell Moore: it is hard to say, I do not know the next season, the Russian team will be greater, or English culture, but we will work hard.
Ho: a season down, like Chinese food?

Bell Moore: I prefer pasta, chicken, and so on, but I’ll try my best to try Chinese food after that.